Superb endeavour

Superb endeavour from the organisers to showcase good Bengali movies ! Extremely well organised event . Looking forward to being a part of it this year too

Purba Sanyal
Regain Paradise

You Guys Rock

Great initiative by BIH. I really want to thank the Mind and the Efforts by BIH for providing an atmosphere and ambiance which every Bangalee would like to have, when he/she is away from West Bengal. You Guys Rocks

Subroto Biswas

Going to get bigger from here

Only in its second year, the Hyderabad Bengali Film Festival has already shown potential to be a major event for Bengalis in the twin city. While I am already looking forward to the next year, I believe things are going to get bigger from here. Keep it up!

Pratyush Chakraborty
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Great Concept

Great Concept to showcase the best of Bengal’s culture and its film industry.

Sumitava Banerjee

An awesome initiative by BIH

It’s an awesome initiative by BIH. Because of this in last two years I was able to see many great Bengali movies that wasn’t possible other way. Like last two years this years also Me and my friends are eagerly waiting for this. BIH is already doing excellent job in bringing very nice movies to this festival.  However our next step can be to do more promotions to attract a wider range of people. And we can focus a bit a towards genre. Example one from detective movie one from acceptable range of commercial movie, one suspense thriller etc. Although having said that I understand it easier said than done. So its just an advise you guys may look upon.

Soumendu Ghosh
Guest, Progress Software India

Amazing and refreshing!

HBFF weekend organised by the BIH was very very refreshing. The event was very meticulously arranged. Each and every detail was worked out. We Bengalees love Adda and it was done through panel discussion. This enthusiastic group under the leadership of Rahul Basu is amazing. As Deepak Bhattacharya rightly mentioned that this young group is the future Bengali community of Hyderabad and Secunderabad. I am not sure if any other Bengali club around the twin cities have organised such events. Waiting for 2016 HBFF.

Anita Dasgupta
Self Employed

Great selection of movies!

A great initiative to make us feel close to home. Great selection of movies. Shall definitely make it here all thru my stay here. Thank you

Shritama Banerjee
MAS GMR Aerotechnic Ltd

Extremely Happy

Revised the experience of The Apu Trilogy while watching Apur Panchali – Another amazing homage to Satyajit Ray, And Phoring is nothing less than any beautiful Italian or French film… I should watch more Bengali coming of age films from now on, I really don’t know what i am missing.. and thanks to Hyderabad Bengali Film Festival for this amazing cinematic experience !!

Surajit Banerjee
System Analyst, Real Shoppee Retail Pvt Ltd