Run Time: 90 mins

Showtime: Sunday(24.06.2018)- 13:20 PM

Director: Arnab. K. Middya

Cast: Priyanka Sarkar, Rajesh Mishra, Soumitra Chatterjee, Saayoni Ghosh

Synopsis: This movie reflects the face of our society in a mirror of womanhood. It is a montage of four stories, with different backgrounds, with women in their inherent roles as a wife, a mother, a daughter, or a friend. The same woman is shown to portray the four female protagonists in the four accounts, which acts as a metaphor for the very aspect of womanhood, and also showing that somewhere, the nexus of the tale remains same, only the colors of the relationship and our viewing angles change.  Each story deals with the correlative context of human emotions and relationship, and brings to the Viewers the core value of realization. Winner of the Best Actress in Dadashaheb Phalke film festival for Andarkahini, Priyanka makes sure the audience is glued to the stories.