Being the inaugural event, it was approached with a lot of trepidation and endless rounds of brainstorming by the organizers and volunteers. We had sworn to make a difference and were committed to it. Almost 3 months of meticulous planning and hard work paved the way for the curtain raiser which happened on the 18th of July. Over two and a half days, movies such as Apur Panchali, Jaatishwar, Nayan Chapar Dinratri, Take One, Phoring, Jodi Love Dile na Prane, Meghe Dhaka Tara & Rupkotha Noy were screened. Famous guests in attendance included national award winning actress Roopa Ganguly, Director Sekhar Das, Director duo Abhijeet Guha and Sudeshna Roy among others. Shows ran to full houses, the film fraternity as well as aficionados of the twin cities were all praise for the great initiative. Blessed with the encouragement and love from all, the event concluded on July 20.