Overview Of HBFF 2015

Having learnt a great deal from our inaugural event, we were confident, ready and eager to bring the next edition into being. This time, the baby steps turned into a trot and promises were made towards a bigger and better show. The usual planning and pre-event activities ensued and the dates we settled on were the 26th to the 28th of June. Guided by our curator Mrs. Ratnottama Sengupta, the films selected were Kadambari, Bitnoon, Jogajog, Nirbaak, Nirbashito, Family Album, Chhotoder Chhobi and Teen Kahon. Luminaries in attendance included members of the Telugu film sphere, while the Bengali film industry was represented by National award winning actress Ananya Chatterjee, actress and director Churni Ganguly, Director Mainak Bhaumik, Director Bauddhayan Mukherji among others. As usual, the packed crowds, fun activities, competitions and a general mood of excitement and vibrance prevailed. The closing ceremony was graced by heaps of praise from one and all which made our resolve to continue the event, stronger than ever.