Say Hello to “Dada & Boudi” our Very Own HBFF Mascots

—  Debabrata Dey

Certain amount of nostalgia sets-in with the mere mention of mascots. Who can forget the opulent Air India Maharaja, the cute Amul butter girl, the cool dude Fido Dido from 7UP ad campaigns, RK Laxman’s Gattu for Asian Paints and the much loved Vodafone Zoo Zoos from recent times…

Some mascots become bigger than the product/event itself and they are much revered with an instant recall. But more than anything, it builds a long-lasting bond with end user, which can last a lifetime.

In 2014, when the “Bengalis in Hyderabad” group envisaged a pure play Bengali Film Festival, creative communication was the last thing in the organizer’s mind – as they were preparing for bigger battles for e.g. getting good movies, securing funding, event management, manpower etc. Amidst all these, I approached Partha da and Rahul to offer my creative services. They welcomed me with a very positive and open mind. Post some late night meetings, I came up with the Hyderabad Bengali Film Festival (HBFF) logo. Once the logo was up and running, I delivered HBFF 2014 event creatives. Though the designs were fresh, I was not very satisfied. 2015 saw more vibrant and colorful creatives, appreciated by many…but again something was amiss.


It was 2016; the organizing committee was vouching to make the 3rd edition of HBFF a grand success. Moreover, we were able to do away with the ‘rookie film fest’ tag. The Bengali film industry took notice and producers/directors were happy to exhibit at the festival. We also introduced competitive “Viewer’s Choice Awards”. The 3rd edition presented a wonderful opportunity to weave a visual story of our relationship with the city of Hyderabad and the longing of Probashi Bengalis for quality Bengali cinema. This time, I took more than the usual time to come-up with the creatives, but the end result was very fulfilling: the HBFF mascots “Dada & Boudi” came to life.




The characters were inspired by the world famous painter Jamini Roy’s paintings. I really enjoyed creating them and finally I was at peace with myself . The mascots aptly oozed the “Bangaliyana” in the city of Nizams. I believe the “Dada & Boudi” mascots lend a unique visual identity to HBFF. Last year “Dada & Boudi” arrived with their family to watch the festival with Charminar as backdrop.


In their 2017 avatar, Dada & Boudi are enjoying the distinct Telangana way of living, resulting in true cultural exchange. Dada is making a film with Boudi – in front of the historic Hussain Sagar Lake. Both of them are wearing Ikat apparels produced in Pochampally village. Boudi is holding a Bathukamma flower basket – one of the main festivals of Telangana. Though Jamini Roy’s painting representing Bengal, inspires the characters, the creative frame is inspired by Cheriyal scroll paintings.

The 4th edition of HBFF has grown bigger and better, we have introduced guest language category – this year two National Award winning Telugu movies will be showcased.

Hope you will like this year’s creatives and see you at HBFF 2017.

Debabrata Dey