Bengali Cinema Beyond the Stars

— Prakriti Neogi

Stardom is one of the main aspectof Bengali cinema as well as Indian cinema where a maximum number of audience go to teatre for watching a movie of their favourite hero and not a hero of a worth watching movie. It has been continuing from the very early age of Bengali cinema when the most promising duo stars of Bengali industry Uttam Kumar and suchitra sen came into history of Bengali cinemas. Directors like satyajit roy ritwik ghatak mrinal sen also made their films for thir choices of heros.. in the 90’s when the commercial movies of Prasenjeet chatterjee, chiranjeet chatterjee, rituporna sengupta, tapas paul were the box office hits we could’nt even think about these stars as the main protagonist of any Bengali art films.. it was Rituporno ghosh who introduced Prasenjit as the hero of movies like khela and dosor, or Rituparna as the heroine of Dahan or utsab.

actors like Dev jeet sohom from the modern generation are well accepted as the hero of the films like paaglu, challenge , prem amar or sathi.. they cant be received in the films like meghe Dhaka tara or in movies like abohoman..but it’s the quality of the good directors like Kamaleswar mukhopadhaya or srijit mukherjee who present the heroes like chiranjeet in national award winning movie chotushkon as one of the main protagonists who used to be famous for melodrama in typical 90,s Bengali commercial films or dev in the character of Bibhutibhushan’s sankar in chanderpahar..

With the rapid change in Indian cinemas the Bengali audience have also changed their tastes of movies. Intellectual movies like autograph, baishe srabon, shob choritro kalponik chitrangoda, chotushkon, shobdo, nirbaak runs housefull in the theatres competing equally the movies like 100% love,  sedin dekhahoyechilo, bachhan and so on. The MODERN art films, loaded with heavy thoughts like comlexcities of relation ships, family problems, social problems and theoris of psychological issues like Dopple ganger in Alik sukh have become the mirror of life.and it haS  its own set of audience where people go to the  theatre to enjoy the movies beyond the stars.. heroes are the very important factor but the audience love them in the course of the play.. and only a good director can put a proper hero and the co actors as if for whom the characters were created.. for example in movies like Shobdo ritwik has acted so brilliantly that we can never imagine any other actors of Bengali industry who can play his role in this movie. directors like Rituparno ghosh srijit mukherjee sujoy ghosh, kamaleswar mukherjee, budhayan banerjee , goutam ghosh and many more have done this revolution in the bengali industry where the cinegoers are attracted towards the facts of the movies..  The modern talented directors have been gifting the industry with so many beautiful movies of intellect art and culture  that the expectations of Bengali audience is set to the sky as the limit.