HBFF 2014: A Quick Look at the Response of the Audience:

— Partha Pratim Mallik

In its very first year in the being, HBFF was a grand success in terms of both number crunching and positive response. Some of the highlights form the inaugural event in 2014 include:

Footfalls: Almost all the shows have seen an average of 90% occupancy of seats.

  • Participation from the audience: We have received a lot of feedbacks, suggestions and interests from interested people who wanted to join us for the forthcoming events.

We have also been requested by many viewers to conduct the film fest twice a year.

  • Participation from non-Bengalis: 20-25% of the viewers were not from the Bengali community in the city.
  • Releasing Bengali cinemas in multiplexes across the city: Film makers and producers were excited to see the interest and some of them expressed the interest for commercial release of Bengali movies in various multiplexes in Hyderabad.
  • Interest from theater groups: A couple of esteemed theater groups in Hyderabad expressed interest in commercial release of Bengali movies in the twin cities.
  • Fluid interaction: Last but not the least, we were able to create a platform where the audience had the ¬†opportunity to discuss with eminent film makers and actors like Sekhar Das, RoopaGanguly, AbhijitGuha, Sudeshna Roy and RatnottamaSengupta, about their films, their journey, and more.

In a nutshell the Hyderabadi Bengali Film Festival provided a platform for fluid cultural exchanges between the cinema-lovers from the City of Pearl. It was exciting to see that the visual language of cinema went beyond the scope of regional nuances and touching a broader chord n the process.

Finally, the show is back again. Head over here to take a look at what is in store for you this year.